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About Us

Founded in 2004 as Rectronics Inc and then changing its name to Suntronics-MRS, Inc, our company was created to provide reliable and durable solutions for the temperature/humidity sensitive cargo while in transit. What set us apart from competitors is that we provide monitoring capability while on the road or in the yard. What good is it to record cargo condition data just to find out at the end of the trip, the load is spoiled and the receiver won’t accept it? The key is not to record the cargo temperature to provide a report at delivery end, but to take corrective actions as soon as anomalies occur to avoid losses. 

All or our products are completely designed and manufactured in the USA. Our engineers come from related industries and they have more than 20 years of experience designing electronic monitors and recorder for harsh environment and that is why we still see our products bolt to the wall of a trailer after 10 years of use. Long life of our products and no maintenance required is what make them affordable by spreading the original investment in the many years of use.