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The R612 is a temperature/humidity recording device for transportation. Packed in a compact design, it allows:
- Monitoring and recording temperature, humidity, and reefer status.
- User programmable alarm settings
- Wireless control allows the driver to:
    • Continuous monitoring of cargo condition
    • Change recording’s settings, and
    • Print trip reports, without stepping out of the truck
- Optional P612-X allows the driver to continue monitoring when away from the cab for up to 1,000 feet.


  • Compact design: the system has a small foot print. The R612 recorder mounted in the front wall of the trailer, is only 5.5” x 3.6” x 1.7”, and the P612 is a pocket size case with only 4.5” x 3.3” x 1.2”. There are no tools needed to install the P612 and there are several bracket mounting options.
  • Weather Resistance: The R612 has no keypad, display, or built-in printer that could be damaged by the harsh environment of the road. They are all part of the P612 user interface that goes inside the truck’s cab.
  • Live monitoring of cargo conditions by the driver while on the road under any weather conditions from the comfort of the cab
  • Live monitoring of units in the yard using optional Y-Guard Base Station Kit. It also allows downloading recorded data to a PC for record keeping.
  • Optional P612-X has extended range and internal rechargeable battery which allows the driver to put it in his pocket when stepping away from the truck (up to 1,000 feet depending on obstructions), for continuous monitoring.
  • No permanent installation required for the P612. Unit is powered from the vehicle accessory outlet (ex. cigarette lighter) and there are multiple optional mounting brackets that install in seconds in places like cup holders, windshield glass, or power plugs. This feature allows the P612 to be passed around from truck to truck for fleet users where not always the same truck is pulling the same trailer.
  • Proven RF technology used in our products since 2007.


R612 - P612 Brochure
R612 - P612 Manual

R612 Outdoor Data Recorder
Power and Reefer Modes Tail harness
Mounting hardware
User Guide

P612: R612 user interface
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